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Scholarship List

College Scholarships

Each college typically has their own scholarship page/list of scholarships available to students attending THEIR school.  Check the websites of the schools you are applying to. (Tip: the UC application ALSO serves as your application to UC scholarships!  Win!)

Pitman Local Scholarships

Thousands of dollars from local clubs, community organizations, and private donors are given each year to PHS seniors.  Interested students need to complete an online scholarship application mid-December to the end of January. Information is mailed home and located in the Google Classroom “PHS Class Of 2024”.  Please make sure you are logged in through your TUSD Google account to apply. Scholarship recipients and their parents/guests are honored at Senior Awards Night in May in the PHS Gym.  Many eligible students (2.0 or higher) neglect to apply every year!  Are you interested in being a scholarship sponsor?  Contact Jamie Nascimento at (209) 226-6520 for more information.

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Community Scholarships

Stanislaus Community Foundation
Stanislaus County Office of Education

Scholarships Overview

  • Every scholarship is different, has its own qualifications, requirements and deadlines.
  • Scholarships can be worth varying amounts of money typically ranging from $50 to full tuition.
  • Scholarships can require any or all of the following: an application, an essay, transcripts, letters of recommendation, other.
  • AVOID SCAMS… you should NEVER have to pay to apply for a scholarship

National Scholarships

There are THOUSANDS of scholarships out there.  These websites will dramatically expand your scholarship search. Below is a link for a list of the most popular scholarship search engines.  Create a profile and they will narrow the list and email you directly with ones YOU may qualify for. 

Scholarship Search Engines

College Scholarships
Going Merry
Scholarship Experts
Scholarships for Undocumented Students
Student Scholarships